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Suitable hairstyle: wide cheekbones is lozenge face the biggest characteristic, the best possible modification of the characteristics, such as the use of long ago to modified wide cheekbones, before the weight to be enough, at the same time to avoid the longitudinal lines or straight lines were built in the real hair wigs , preferably in the hot side of the volume or wave. Wide cheekbones will make people look very hard, and full of a sense of fluffy shape will bring a lovely feeling, a collocation will be better.For real hair wigs : if you want a more playful or by age, can cut the hair wigs below the ears, let the human hair wigs with a weird feeling.Oval has near perfect face, if you happen to the eyes is also very spirit, may wish to stay free feeling some hair pieces , neither neat nor Qi Liuhai, the definition of points, like random natural hair like star .For hair: Liu Haike cut down a thin layer, the best bang cut the length of the forehead was covered and vaguely flashed, can make the narrow forehead on the vision is not so obvious, but the broad chin will not be because of the presence of more bangs awkward.Remember to use more hair modified gills, can make the students shoulder hair, long hair, but not to stay long straight hair wigs.Long real hair wigs are simple, but can be straight perm and equal dividing method of different fringe change shape, Xiaobian prefer the brown hair, low-key nature, 37 points for the original Meng Meng Da face add intellectual charm.This seemingly irregular curled long hair, very artistic sense, which also shows the messy beautiful face is arbitrary whims, sister paper get rid of childish hair preferred.A dark brown elegant mature, the Meng Meng Da face Meimei a bit more understanding, 37 minutes long falls on the clavicle, the charm of ten%eTo say that in winter, which is the most popular girls human hair extensions, of course, is a warm real hair wigs and long hair wigs slightly! If you want to come to a beautiful winter long hair, then it is to lock the small series of today’s selection oh!

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